I have had working facilities in various places, at different stages of life. I worked between…

…1961 and 1963 in a studio in Camden Town, London with an electric kiln.

…1963 and 1969 in a basement workshop in Islington, London with electric kilns, which is where all the work and photos for the book “Pottery: the Technique of Throwing” were done.

…1972 and 1994 in the outbuildings of a farmhouse in Gloucestershire, with electric kilns. This is where all the work for “Pottery: Techniques of Decoration” and “Pottery Materials” was done.

…1995 and 1999 in outbuildings in Bicester, Oxon, and Brackley, Oxon, with an electric and a gas kiln. 

…1999 and 2004 in the workshops of Brighton University, on non-teaching days and evenings. 

…2007 and 2011, at his kind invitation, for occasional periods, in the workshop of the late Alain Chaigneau in Saint-Martin-Lars-en-Sainte-Hermine, Vendée, France.

…2012 to 2019, at the kind invitation of Pietro Maddalena, in the workshops of La Meridiana, for various periods, alongside various teaching, and projects to develop  clay bodies. In 2018, I was awarded a three-month Residency at La Meridiana.

Since 2019 up to the present I have worked in a converted barn workshop in Liguria, Italy with gas kiln.


1991 Four person, with Richard Slee, Martin Smith and Julie Wood, at Brighton University Gallery.

1995 Four person, with Martine Aeschlimann and Jacky Gabriel and Pietro Maddalena, at Musée du Pays et Val de Charmey, Switzerland.

1995 Two person, with Pietro Maddalena, at Gallery Ceramic Arts, Vienna, Austria.

1996 Four person, with Ann Wynn Reeves, Kenneth Clark and Pietro Maddalena, at Gallerie Gulliver, Terre D’Autore, Marciana Marina, Elba, Italy.

2000 Nine person group. Keramikbiennale in Luzern, Switzerland. Nine British potters (Felicity Aytlieff; Alison Britton; Elizabeth Fritsch; Mo Jupp; Walter Keeler; Anna Noel; Sasha Wardell; Takeshi Yasuda and me) were invited to show with ASK in their Biennale.

2018 group exhibition Tra Vasi Ovvero Vasi Comunicanti, Siena, Italy.