My aim is to make forms which fulfil a simple function and have a strong but unobtrusive visual presence. It is the visual quality of forms which is my primary focus.


Being wheel-made, and unaltered, all the forms I make are round in cross-section, a limitation I readily accept. All have a variety of formal, visual elements the use, variation and alteration of which are the focus of my work.

The forms I make are vases – pots which can contain flowers and water. This function is not a major constraint.   

Since antiquity at least, and probably much, much longer, pots have been made and owned, as objects on two distinct levels. On one level they are objects intended for use, regular or occasional, and parts of their nature, particularly material, size and form, are determined by their intended function. But, when not in use they may be placed where their function becomes the visual one of personalising and enlivening the three-dimensional spaces in which we live.